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Do you want to rent a property?

Renting a property is a very important operation, which can’t be left to chance. One the one hand, the landlord wants to rent with the best possible guarantees to preserve the property and obtain the desired rent. While the tenant seeks a property on a close to permanent basis and in the best possible conditions. Having the support and mediation of an agency specializing in long-term rentals such as BCN Premium will help you avoid financial and legal risks, and save time.

The step-by-step guide to renting a property with BCN Premium
  1. Personal interview with the BCN Premium professional team: for landlords, we want to know the property’s technical specifications, but above all, the details only you can provide and help us to make a difference. For tenants, we want to hear, first-hand, your priorities and needs. This is the only way to help you find the perfect home, as soon as possible.
  2. Property visit and valuation: an accurate valuation allows the best price strategy to be established. Setting the right price is essential for trust and transparency, both for landlords and tenants alike.
  3. Professional photographs: we are aware of the potential inconvenience caused by a photography session at your home, but it’s absolutely essential. The images are the cover letter for each property, and must seduce viewers, inviting them to live there. Let us get the most out of your home.
  4. Marketing strategy definition: trust our judgement and experience. We’ll provide the prominence and visibility required to meet objectives. Additionally, at BCN Premium, we are in direct contact with the leading relocation companies meaning, if you wish, you can offer your home to foreign professionals relocating to your city.
  5. Close monitoring: each customer is given a consultant. The consultant will be your interlocutor, providing information on how the letting process is progressing, and clarifying any doubts related to the property sale. We want to build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect,
  6. Property visit: at BCN Premium; we guarantee that the people who visit your property are genuinely committed to renting your property. We take great care to protect the intimacy of our customers. We only show tenants the homes that actually meet the requirements established with us.
  7. Expert and thorough support throughout the whole process: we are by your side from negotiation to drafting the lease agreement. Our main purpose is to minimise risks.

Follow these simple steps and receive advice from the BCN Premium team of professionals. Team work is the key to success.

If you are interested in long-term rentals, request free valuation of your property.

What documentation do you need to rent a property?

The following documentation is required for all rental contracts:1. ID documentation for the landlord and tenant:

Natural Person:

  1. Residents and Spanish Citizenship: Original ID Card (DNI) or passport.
  2. Residents and Nationals of a EU Member State:  Original passport or ID card from their country, accompanied with the certificate from the Consulate accrediting their residence in Spain.
  3. Residents and nationals with different citizenship: Original of the Residence Card accompanied with the original of the passport.
  4. Non-residents: Original of the passport or ID card of their country and Tax ID No in Spain.

Legal Person:

  1. Incorporation document of the original Entity
  2. Original of the document accrediting the powers of the person signing on behalf of the Entity
  3. Original of the ID Document of the Entity representative
  4. Tax ID No (NIF) in Spain, for legal persons domiciled outside Spain.

Where there is more than one owner, the ID documentation of all the owners is required, along with the percentage ownership in the property of each owner.

2. Identification data for the property:

  1. Property deed
  2. Occupancy certificate (in Catalonia)
  3. Land registry (we can manage this)
  4. Energy performance certificate (we can manage this)
  5. Supplies payment receipt: water, electricity and gas.
  6. Reading of the electricity and water meters
  7. Communal expenses receipt (if applicable)
  8. Inventory of the household items and electrical appliances and/or furniture to be recorded in the annex (we can manage this)

3. Guarantees: the landlord may request, from the potential tenant, the following documentation to check solvency and/or as a guarantee:

  1. Payroll, employment contract and/or annual tax returns
  2. Company tax declaration if the rental is in the name of a Company
  3. Bank Account in Spain for setting up direct debit rental and supplies payments
  4. Deposit: the amount paid to the owner as a guarantee. The landlord may also request an additional guarantee or bank surety.