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When choosing a new home, several questions arise, such as: ‘shall I buy or rent’, ‘which neighbourhood is the best? These doubts increase if you're also changing city and/or country.

Our team of property experts will guide you through the whole process, from localisation to concluding the operation, also including any administrative issues (financial and legal). At BCN Premium, we get involved in the decision-making process to ensure your choice genuinely meets your objectives and, above all, investment, family and/or professional needs. Shall we begin?


Will buying a property in Spain help me get Spanish residency?
Having a property in Spain is one of the factors considered by the Spanish immigration department. Since 2013, a Spanish residency law has existed, permitting non-EU citizens to get a residency permit when buying a property in Spain.
Which ID documents do I need to buy or rent?
All foreigners must have the Foreigners’ ID No. (N.I.E.) to buy or rent a property. As well as for other operations, such as opening a bank account, a telephone contract, etc. The N.I.E. begins with a letter, followed by seven numbers and another letter at the end. Each N.I.E. is personal, unique and does not expire.
Where can I request the N.I.E.?
  1. If you're in Spain, you can request the N.I.E. at the Foreign Nationals’ Office or at the Police Station where you live.
  2. If you're in your country of residence, you can request the ID Num. at the diplomatic missions or Spanish consulate.

We recommend starting the application process to get a foreigners’ ID soon after arriving in Spain.

How do I apply for the N.I.E.?
  1. Complete the application form EX-15 (Foreigner’s ID (NIE) application and Cert)
    Only available in Spanish but here ( ) you’ll find an English translation of the key fields.
  2. Request an appointment here ( and choose the option “Access to Proceedings”:
    1. In AVAILABLE PROVINCES, choose Barcelona.
    2. In step AVAILABLE FOR THE PROVINCE SELECTED, choose EU Certificates (if you're from the EU) or Issue Foreigner ID Card if you're from overseas.
    3. Click on Accept and then on Enter
    4. Complete your information: passport number, name and surname, and nationality (that given in the passport)
Which documentation is needed to apply for the N.I.E.?
  1. Original passport and copy of all the pages
  2. Address in Spain
  3. Duly completed application form (EX-15)
  4. 2 recent passport photos (white background, flat and uniform, 40x53 mm size)
  5. Document justifying why you need a Spanish N.I.E. Number, which varies based on your intentions.
  6. Pay the N.I.E. administration fee (Approx. €9.45)